Vision Symbol

The basic elements of the graphic symbol come from “Tai Chi Bagua Map”, which is the very spirit of Chinese traditional culture and natural philosophy. Through breaking,allostery,extending and refining the elements, the symbol has the following meaning:

① The “Tai Chi”concept of the symbol: all things come from nature to nature, combine yin and yang, life goes on and on, these reflect the industry characteristics of CCEPC that are from virtual to real, from nothing to something, from waste to useful things. All these are for the benefits of the human being

② The structure of the symbol is full of dynamic, this stands for the corporate culture of CCEPC that are “people-oriented”and converge talents people together to form a strong spirit of cohesion under the same core values

③ The perfect abstract design of the symbol can bring us a lot of concrete images such as leaves, drip, spray, earth, etc. Through the structure that are not only virtual and real but also static and dynamic, the symbol becomes affinity, international and individualized identifier.

④ The standard colors of the symbol are industrial environment protection green and science-tech blue, they symbolize the characteristics and the noble spirit of the high-tech enterprise.