Water branch Company

Under the background of increasing water pollution and increasing water saving requirements and continuous updating of water quality standards

In order to better close to the market and serve customers, urban environmental protection company concentrated superior human resources in 2013

Water affairs department was established to achieve greater achievements in the field of water treatment and prevention

Urban environmental protection company attaches great importance to strengthening international exchanges and cooperation with Germany, France, Japan and Belgium

Many international well-known companies have a good cooperative relationship, and committed to the introduction and digestion of foreign advanced technology

On the basis of technology, research and development with independent intellectual property rights, adapt to China's national conditions of environmental protection technology and equipment company

The company has been awarded the national key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project

proprietary technology

1、Wastewater treatment and reuse technology of iron and steel enterprises: precipitation + filtration + membrane technology

Under the background of continuous improvement of water-saving requirements and continuous updating of standards in iron and steel enterprises, the application of this technology to build Wisco Beihu Drainage

Closed loop utilization of wastewater treatment scale192000m3/, the treatment water to do the self-provided power plant cycle recharge water boiler recharge water and

Desalination water and other raw water recycling, has been stable operation for many years, has a good demonstration role

2、Collaborative technology of wastewater treatment in industrial park: hydrolytic acidification + two-stage biochemistry + advanced oxidation

Collaborative technology of wastewater treatment in industrial park: hydrolytic acidification + two-stage biochemistry + advanced oxidation

The sewage treatment project of Bao Xie of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone adopted this technology, and all indicators of effluent reached the design requirements

3、Landfill leachate treatment technology: pretreatment + advanced oxidation + biochemical treatment

This technology is mainly aimed at the aging landfill leachate incineration of power plant leachate and leachate of garbage transfer station

The landfill leachate treatment project of Wuhan instead of Mountain was built by this process route, with a treatment scale of 100m3/

At present, the process runs stably and the effluent effect is good

4、Sludge treatment and advanced dehydration technology: agent modification + high pressure deep pressure filtration

This technology is aimed at municipal sludge and various industrial wastewater sludge which is difficult to dehydrate, and can effectively meet the increasingly strict requirements of sludge disposal


1、Water Treatment Turkey Construction Project of WISCO No.3 Former Steel Rolling Plan


2、Water Treatment and Demineralized Water Station Turnkey Construction Project of WISCO No.2 Silicon S


3、Water Supply and Heat Supply Pipeline Network Project of Guangdong Xinhui Shuangshui Power Plant