The successful commissioning of the sintering machine flue gas desulphurization project in HISGC




The project of 1×150m2 sintering machine flue gas desulphurization in HangZhou Iron & Steel Group Company, which use sintering flue gas ammonia desulphurization technology, can deal with the flue gas 700000 Nm3/h. Through the cooperation of all the staff in the project department, the first about 6.5t production ammonium sulphate was produced at 18:18 Mar. 11, 2009. This marks the HangZhou Iron & Steel Group Company sintering flue gas desulphurization project have been achieved periodically successful!

 The desulphurization tower and concentrated cooling tower were put into operation in the morning since Mar.5, 2009. In the following 6 days, facilities were continuous operation and the debug and all the staff in the project department surmounted every difficulty in the debugging process. At 16:00 Mar.10, 2009 the ammonium suphate solution was delivered to the ammonium suphate workshop in the coking plant, after 26 hours continuous operation and the debug, the facilities produced first high quality ammonium suphate.