Mr. Li Donghui, Deputy District Mayor of Wuchang, visited CCEPC




Mr. Li Donghui, Deputy District Mayor of Wuchang, and some officials visited CCEPC On June 13th, 2008. Mr. Xiang Xuzhou, Vice CEO of CCEPC, and other chiefs of CCEPC met Mr. Li Donghui and other officials in the meeting room on 26th floor. Mr. Xiang Xuzhou introduced the basic status and the fast development of CCEPC these years to Mr. Li Donghui. After listening to Mr. Xiang Xuzhou’s representation, Mr. Li Donghui appreciated the DVD for introduction of CCEPC, and be informed of the operation status of CCEPC in detail. Mr. Li Donghui praised the achievements CCEPC has made in the environmental protection industry and stated that Wuchang District Government would support CCEPC’s development to make more contributions on the environmental protection industry.