Environmental Protection Cogeneration Plant




Walking on circulated economy road and spreading circulated economy mode is the efficient approach to solve the pressing problems of the resources and environment in our country and realize the scientific development of economic society, it is also the necessity trend of economic development. Circulated economy virtually is a kind of ecologic economy, a kind of economic development mode that be friendly with environment, while the ultimate aim is to change waste to treasure and transform harmful substance to resources. In nearly 50 environment protection congeneration projects such as WISCO Thermal Plant, Nanjing Iron Steel United Co. Ltd Gas Comprehensive Utilization Power Plant and Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Iron Steel Co. Ltd Cogeneration Plant etc, our company applies self-developed new technologies and processes, adopts high temperature high pressure fuel gas boilers and turbine generator units, utilizes affluent serious polluted LHV BF gas as main fuel to generate electricity. While saving the energy and protecting the environment, it also creates good economic and social benefits.