The foundation pipe work of sintering machine flue gas desulphurization project in NISCO is complete




The project of 360m2 sintering machine flue gas desulphurization in NanJing Iron & Steel United Co., LTD reaches the intended target before the Spring Festival, this is the good start for the following work to smooth develop after the festival.

The foundation pile work is join-managed by both the department and the owner; the total foundation piles are 230 which include pipe piles 176 and caisson piles 54. To smoothly complete the foundation work the staffs surmount many difficulties, such as there are many pipelines and cables under the ground floor of the original construction region; parts of piles are close to the structure building; the piling region needs across 220kV high-tension line of the main power plant. In order to protect the original facilities and not to impact the safety production, the staffs prepare in advance to take preventive measures with the owners of construction, supervision and construction unit, this ensures the base of the smooth progress of piles and also the smooth progress of civil works. The construction of caisson pile is completed in the morning Jan. 17, 2009 and pipe pile is completed in the afternoon Jan. 19, 2009.

The pouring work of the desulphurization tower bottom has been started at 19:00 Jan. 17, 2009. The pouring of concrete work has been finished and the desulphurization tower bottom has staged into the conservation.