Exhaust Gas Abatement




CCEPC has undertaken a few secondary flue gas dedusting projects in many steel mills. In which, WISCO No.3 Steelmaking Plant Secondary Flue Gas Dedusting project and Echeng Iron&Steel (Group) Company 70t Electric Furnace Secondary Flue Gas Dedusting project are turnkey projects with the treatment capacity for the flue gas containing dust of 140´104m3/h and above, successfully avoiding the serious pollution for the air caused by exhaust gas. Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Iron&Steel Co. Power Plant Flue Gas Dedusting and Desulphurization Project adopts MgO wet desulphurization process with GGH, and the flue gas shall be heat exchanged for temperature rise and then exhausted through 150m stake after meeting the standard. This project obtained prominent environment protection and social benefit.