Waste Water Treatment




CCEPC has already successfully undertaken the Turnkey construction of several water treatment projects, such as “WISCO Former No.3 Steel Rolling Mill Water Treatment and Internal Network Revamping project”, “WISCO No. 2 Silicon Steel Plant Water Treatment Project”, “WISCO No. 2 Sheet Cold Rolling Plant Water Treatment Project” and “Guangdong Shuangshui Domestic Waste Water Treatment Project” etc., dealing with all kinds of water qualities treatment process, such as clarified circulating water, unclarified circulating water, laminar flow cooling water, filtered water, demineralized water, refrigeration water, acid and alkali waste water, oiliness waste water, chromate waste water and sludge treatment etc. These projects successively adopt energy-saving type multifunction waterpower control valve with good energy-saving effect. The cooling tower adopts many patents and new energy-saving technologies. With anti-infiltration process and advanced LP Membrane for the demineralized water, the higher demineralizing rate can be reached. While adopting ultrafiltration technology of inorganic ceram membrane for the oiliness wastewater, the patent technology of high-density sludge treatment mode is used for the acid wastewater. The advanced deep tank aeration technology is used to improve oxygen dissolution rate and also some other advanced water treatment technologies are used. By accumulating abundant experiences of water treatment process, CCEPC is highly appreciated by the owners and the trade, and achieves  prominent economic, environment protection and social benefits.